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Hot exhibitionists dogging at the beach, sexy couples swinging outdoor in public, gang bangs in the dunes of Gran Canaria... Taking movies or pictures in the swinger area is very difficult nowadays, therefore most recordings of Vol. 10 and 11 were taken with a digital spy cam which has only a reduced optical performance. The movies will place you straight to the voluptuous sphere, no question, but owing to the lower quality these set of videos comes on offer reasonably priced.
These public sex voyeur movies are also part of the monthly member galleries of Voyeurland.

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Public Sex Voyeur Movies - Vol. 11 (68 minutes of video and 167 pictures) contains 11 clips:

1: Hot petting at the beach

Pussy fondling at the public beach...

(25 MB, 5'34", 720x480 pixels)

2: Spread legs at the nudist beach

Spread thighs at the public nudist beach - exposing her shaven pussy the show-offy woman stimulates the guys who pass by. She loves to watch them masturbate in front of her...

(48 MB, 7'17", 720x576)

3: Sexy couples in the dunes

A potpourri of short voyeur movies about the sexy couples in the dunes which like to perform, but are also fond of watching the others...

(44,4 MB, 7'46", 720x576)

4: Beach blow job

A blow job at the nude beach - the girls is mightily impressed with that huge black penis. She strokes and blows this dick not minding the sharp-eyed voyeurs...

(8,7 MB, 1'48", 640x480 short movie)

5: Public dogging

Exhibitionists dogging in the dunes: They are blowing in a very exposed situation. So soon a couple of voyeurs are joining in. The man has his fingers in her pussy, she masturbates and blows him. A voyeur is kneeling just behind her buttocks. After the orgasm of the man the woman spreads her thighs and masturbates until the voyeur ejaculates between her legs...

(49 MB, 8'32", 640x480)

6: Outdoor Sex

An attractive couple performing in public - a hot fuck on top of a dune, and the voyeurs are watching from behind the bushes...

(37 MB, 5'36", 720x576)

7: Swinging

A hot woman strolling through the dunes, wearing a micro G-string bikini which hardly covers her nipples and labia. Being back at her husband they allow every guy who follows her and is her taste to have sex with her. The harder the fuck the better. And her hubby fondles from time to time...

(23 MB, 4'03", 720x576)

8: Gang bang

A hot blonde woman having sex with some strangers. First it is only one man who screws her, her hubby trying to shield them from curious voyeurs. But finally there are four youngish guys around her. Two of them bang her, the others are frenched...

(28 MB, 4'49", 640x480)

9: A gang bang in the dunes

An outdoor gang-bang in the swinger area of Gran Canaria with two hot women and a bunch of horny voyeurs. Two men and a woman banging the luscious blonde that her sensual enjoyment can be heard from far, far away...

(27 MB, 3'40", 720x576, hidden cam and tele shots)

10: Public swinger

Three hot couples on the beach and half a dozen of voyeurs around them. One of the chicks masturbates on of the guys, charming the audience. And then they french him - all three woman. A delicacy for the voyeurs...

(60 MB, 11'03", 624x560)

11: Public sex spy cam

A blowing and fucking couple at the nudist beach. They have sex although there are a lot of people passing by. Movie taken with a hidden cam...

(48 MB, 7'57", 640x480)

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