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John, 12 April 16: Hey, if I become a member of Voyeurland can I then see all the videos? Or what do I access?

Dear John, the Voyeurland member area contains all the videos from Vol. 1 to 28 (apart from the reports and all the photos). A 1-year membership covers the whole content, with a standard membership (30 days) you can see 1/12 of the content.
The download area gives you the opportunity to buy exactly the movies you want.



Hello, we are just back from Maspalomas, where we caught one couple having sex in public in those dunes. We find it very interesting to watch couples who are acting naturally and so lustfully. We especially enjoy the movies featuring guys watching the couples in action. Peter & Anne

Dear Tina.
Thank you for an excellent video in our taste. It reminds us of our best moments on holidays to the Canary Islands, interacting with other couples in the sand dunes. We hope more of the same will follow soon.
Best Regards - Pi., Vaxholm Sweden

Many thanks and congratulations for the quality of your videos because they are authentic.
I wait for your next deliveries.
Regards, Pierre, Southern France

I received the DVD this morning. Thanks for the fast delivery. Please keep me informed if you have more movies ready. Nice content.
Jan, Belgium

Hi, thanks for the splendid videos from Gran Canaria. I purchased and downloaded without a problem Thursday 20/10/05 with 2Mb broadband. Any chance of adding the full unedited version of movie 7? Watching the female watch the guy is awesome!! Great work on all the filming.
Looking forward to Vol. 2.! Many Thanks - Scott, UK

I received the DVD. Excellent movie. We enjoyed it ;-) If you have others let me know. CHRIS, Belgium

We found DVD n° 2 very good and stimulating, will soon be booking for Maspalomas in November... P.E. Stockholm

Thanks for the freebies (upgrade Vol. 1), I am glad you have come up with some more great movies and will be subscribing again to get the new stuff. Congratulations on some terrific material. Dave

The movies are very hard and interesting, publish others. Vitapetr

I really enjoyed masturbating while I watched "Two petting couples" (Vol. 5). It was lovely to see a sexy lady masturbating herself to orgasm. I love to watch women masturbating in public (I especially like to see the other people's reactions & what they do!) Can you recommend any other websites of public masturbation. Email me. Thanks. Mike in UK

Your films in the canaries were brilliant, these in the cars are rubbish. Stick to the beaches. Fishnet125

Any data about the video camera which was used? Bill

The tele shots in Gran Canaria were taken with a mini-dv Canon MV 750 (22x) and a Samsung SMX-F30. The hidden cam movies were taken with the same cameras, sometimes with a small digital cam from Nikon, usually hidden in a towel, T-shirt or a backpack.
Nowadays - after some bad incidents - I consider this approach as too dangerous, the cam must be really invisible. Otherwise bring some brave bodyguards...
We don't have any detailed info about the video camera used in Vol. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12. But the quality (image and audio) is very good.
The HD videos were taken with a Sony hdr-cx115 which brings an excellent quality of the movies, but was not able to withstand the sand storms in the dunes of Gran Canaria. So there is already an other cam on top of our wish list...

U.S. laws are somewhat obnoxious with regard to underage sex. Might the appearance of any of the participants in the videos be construed as less than eighteen years of age? I would like to buy some of your product but not pay fifteen years. Larry

In fact we do not have any model records of the "actors", because these voyeur movies are real. So we don't know how old they are. I personally do not believe that any person in the movies is younger than 18. Some participants in Vol. 6 and 7 are young. Going for sure means sticking to the other volumes, these people are all of legal age.

Joe: I loved it and i came while listening to the women orgasming

Michael: super i've wanked 159 times

Tor (Vol.5): I just love the vids. when i went to maspalomas last year i experienced some of it. just a lovely place. my wife and I really found great pleasure in it. i had many men play for me and cum and my hubby let me have a few fuck me too. lovely vids. memories lasts forever. hugs from tor and bodil.

Vincent: I really enjoyed all the beach voyeur videos, it is very erotic to see real people having real sex.
Will you be making more beach videos soon? I hope you do.

Well, we'll give our best...

Greg (Vol. 11): It was a superb film especially the lady in the red thong. Remarkable clear footage and very erotic.

Alec Reid: Enjoyed Gran Canaria 1, so look forward to number 4. Do you have any films from Cap D'Agde?

Now we have, look out for volume 18 from the swinger beach sex at Cap D'agde...

Mark Ireland: Received my DVDs thanks very pleased with them. Wife and i recognised our selves -> great memories of that holiday. When will you film again? would like to participate.

ethel: these movies are really hot

coppiabk, 9 October, 2008: The videos from the beach are great. We took them all and we're waiting for new ones!! Come on!

Cor (Vol.1): great.... the women are amazing.....


shele: enjoy!!!!

Billy: hi, when was the moaning girl vid taken i think i was there, thanks

sujo: oooooooo! great

Paul B., 1 March 09: Fantastic site. Great photos and good quality vids just right for me. 10/10. It is just like I was on the dunes with you...

Christopher (Vol. 12): I am disappointed. I do not think these videos are very good, it is difficult to see any action at all.
Please go back to Maspalomas and make more videos there, the beach videos where the best !

We will be back at the beaches of Gran Canaria, that's for sure.
The cam on Volume 12 is hidden in the ceiling, so there are no pussy close-ups or details like that, that's true...

Chris, 30 March 09: Hi, I have downloaded most of the movies on your website, I enjoyed them very much, will you be making anymore nudist sex movies ? for me they are the best.

We are in fact taking voyeur movies at this very moment in the dunes and at the beach. I suppose we will have videos for 1 more volumes. Vol. 14, 15 and 16 are ready now, but cutting and coding of the other vids will take some time...

Ezzy, 23 May 09 (Vol. 1): Damm incredibly erotic watching the woman while the guy jerks off.

Michael, 23 May 09: Hello we're a couple and wanted to visit the Canary Islands, I wanted to know which beaches are best for practice naturism where voyeurs, and that time is where there is a greater influx of people, bone is the best months to go?

We could not say that one certain month is the best. Either you are lucky or not. Best time of day is afternoon. And have a look at the maps which come with the movies, or this one from the beach and the dunes of Maspalomas / Gran Canaria

Swinger sex beach and dunes of gran canaria - Map

se7en li, 30 June 09: Nice ~~~ i very very like & enjoy.

john, 16 November 09 (Vol. 18 from Cap d'Agde): The public beach scenes were a hoot

Ritchie, 6 January 2010: Just found your site! Me and my wife had been in Maspalomas and played with the voyeurs many times. So we are interested in buying a movie. In the movie no 17 there is a woman who is spreading her legs very nicely. It´s the seventh picture and the text is: "The attractive young woman frivolously - almost vulgarly - spreads her legs.....". (My wife loves to spread like the woman on the picture). But, does this woman doing this just for a few seconds? Or, she lays like that most of the time? If she is doing it just for a few seconds I had to look for another of your movies.

Dear Ritchie, this girl in the movie from n° 17 is indeed spreading and exposing during the film. An other hot female exhibitionist with a suntanned pussy is in video 4 from the same volume.

I., 11 January 210: Hi, and thanks for the good work in the Maspalomas voyeurland! I had just bought the volume 17 from you and there are many scenes that are erotic and thrilling! Specially the two women in no 5 and no 7. The really tease with spreading there legs. The woman in no 7 is my favourite! I wish you had come closer to her! She knows what she is doing and I love her attitude! (That’s include the woman in no 5 to). Are there any other women in your other movies who has women with the same attitude?
I have a wife that also loves to spread her legs and show her pussy to everyone that wants to look at her. We have been to Gran Canarias almost every year since mid 90th. The first time we have sex in Maspalomas (my wife did a blow job) we were maybe a little naive, but within five minutes the where about 67 voyeurs looking at us. But it gave us a thrilling experience! Both me and my wife likes the attention from the voyeurs when they look at my wife when she is spreading. But you don’t pic the voyeurs, they pic you!
And some of the voyeurs are boring. They come too close and are not sophisticated in the behaviour. But, that’s the way it is! But, they could get a better “show” if they are a little bit more cool. Is it your experience to, that voyeur who is a little too hot makes the couple little bit nervous? (I know, that from your point of view you want thrilling action from the hills of Maspalomas!). Therefore my wife sometimes just wants to stay at the naturist beach near the sea. She feels a little bit safer there when she spreads her legs. There are many voyeurs there also, but they are a bit cooler. And therefore, she is even more provocative when she lay there. Anyway! Thanks for a great movie and best regards from Sweden.

Hi, and thanks for your feedback! And for your personal "report", too.
These two women from Vol. 17 you mentioned are caught in Volume 16, too (in the first and the last movie). But there are many other videos with girls and women with the same attitude, of course.
I thought like you: voyeurs coming to close annoy the acting couple. In fact the couples in the dunes of Gran Canaria are real "hardcore" exhibitionists and swingers. The more voyeurs and the closer they are, the better they perform.
I for myself also prefer the decent and distant voyeurs, and so the public beaches are first choice for me, too.

Thanks Tina for your answer! Very interesting to hear that the couples turn on when the voyeurs are getting closer. Maybe it’s so, that the real exhibitionist couples and swingers chose places for their acting deep in the vegetation? Then the couples know that they can be braver because they know that only the real voyeurs are there looking. They are all “in the same club”. And neither the couple nor the voyeurs want to be recognised by other people walking around in the area. And for the same reason, couple, who maybe don’t want the same attention from the voyeurs, just want some fun and turns on with a little thrill, chose places a bit more open so the voyeurs take it cooler. And these couples don’t swing or have advanced sexual acts. (?) Or? What’s your experience? These are of course just generalised thoughts.

Sure, you are right. Most of the dogging and swinging couples are really well hidden in the shrubs. So they are sure, that not an (uninterested?) rambler pops up on the scene. But we caught several couples performing group sex on locations where "innocent" walkers passed by.
Must be special thrill for them. Not talking of the situation when the police is around.
Well, some people take a fancy to that. Let them be, and let's have a look at them... Best regards - Tina

Hi again Tina, yes, as I can see in your movies there are some couples having some kind of group sex in open locations. But they do their best to cover face with sunglasses, hats etc. It’s not so funny being caught by someone from the office at home. We sometimes had seen the police driving round. So they drive around for protecting the moral ha-ha! I can imagine “the alarm- system” among the couples and voyeurs when they come!
My wife indeed likes the thrill when she spreads her legs and the attention she gets from the voyeurs. And we have been several times in the hot area of Maspalomas (sometimes its windy along the beach). But, as I wrote earlier, she don’t like when they come to close. She can even think of having sex with me (no group sex), but then she wants to feel safe. I guess it’s safer if your location is rather open? Do you have a tip for us, how we can act, to keep the voyeurs on distance? How does other couples act? Can you point out for them by the hand “here is your limit”?
Sooner, this evening, I bought volume 16. It’s interesting to see how other pair acts. Especially, when the woman is a “spreader”. Best regards

That's really a problem when you feel bothered about voyeurs coming to close, and you'd like to have sex in public. There are some dogging rules and etiquettes - both for the acting couples as for the voyeurs. And I can confirm: when anyone says "stop" or holds a hand up, everybody obeyed. The people we met were very sensitive.
As far as a woman only spreads (and not masturbates), the peeping toms normally keep their distance and enjoy from far. But as soon as a couple starts kissing and stroking, the voyeurs are coming closer. On the locations we know, the guys are used to do that. They will not join in when you say no (some will try), but you can't keep them more then a few meters apart. When you choose a rather open area that won't help. Unless you do it on top of a high dune, and make it quick enough (we did...).

Hi Tina, and thanks again for your interesting and useful information!
Yes, you can see the voyeur’s behaviour against the woman in volume 16 movie 10 (the last). They keep the distance in a good way (even if the man masturbates her). But, if there is one voyeur who is coming to close he can spoil it. The couples stop their play, and that’s it. And he spoils it for everybody. And when there are lots of voyeurs (as in movie 10) they take it easy because no one wants to stop the show.
That woman in movie 10 has a lovely attitude! She knows exactly what she is doing! And she is loving it! Is she taped in an other movie? I believe its around the same time as when she is in volume 18? My wife has the same attitude. She can sometimes spread even more at the naturist beaches. But, the rules are different for the exhibitionist area in Maspalomas comparing to “normal” naturist beaches (we had a lot of experience from at least 20-25 naturist beaches from France and Spain). The rules at “normal” naturist beaches is depending on time, how many people around, bushes etc. And, of course, how provocative my wife is. The problem at “normal” naturist beaches is sometimes “the real naturist”. They don’t like when my wife is spreading. As long as they are in a group the moral is high. But on solo many men gives my wife lots of compliments!
Talking about spoiling; the man in volume 16 movie 6. He tried to join in, but that stops the whole show. ha-ha-ha!

John & Sheila, 12 February 10:
We spend lots of time on the dunes in Gran Canaria. Don't worry about the police. They are NOT there for 'Moral' protection, they are there to watch for thefts. They don't care what you do and will often watch too and stop to talk. We have gone there for at least two holidays each year since 1974 and have NEVER been troubled by them.
You might encounter a determined peeper, but mostly they behave. There are so many that the others will soon step in if you make it clear you will stop until HE stops!
Isn't it about time we had some more films? We already have all 18 of these!

Hi John & Sheila
Thanks for your info. We also had the experience of this kind of regulation among the voyeurs. We found that aspect very reassuring.
About the police: This year we saw policemen riding squads trying to catch couples "in the act" in the dunes. Are they to be fined? We don't know what the police intended.

Greg Sanson, 22 February 2010: Vol 17 is a superb collection of films. Really excellent quality. Thank you.

dave and sheila, 08 March 10: New to this, find it very erotic. Thank you keep up the good work.

Steve in Miami Beach, 10 March 10: I've enjoyed your videos. Unfortunately there is nowhere to enjoy such pleasures here in the states; too uptight. I hope to visit one or some of these beaches in the future. Keep up the excellent work!

johndee, 7 March 10 (Vol. 17): Very nice people show nowadays there sexual feelings in public and share them with others, and erausing the special feelings sexuality gives us all, a real progress for mankind.

jean claude, 31 March 10 (Vol. 16): Superbes vidéos

Michael, 16 April 10: Hello, when be ready to date N° 20?

Hi Michael, N° 20 is be ready now, but this one time it is a pure gay sex film compilation. Vol. 21 is also finished with superb new high-definition (HD) videos.

Christopher, 1 June 2010: I think the H.D. is much better, it would be even better if the camera angles could be improved, to show more of the action. The "Double Wanking" video would have been fantastic if we could actually see the action of the woman. I like to see the women, and what they are doing and what they are watching.

Mr. & Mrs. Nicebrain, 1 June 10 (Vol. 19): We must go there someday, maybe you get us on tape. We love these movies.

Chris, 2 June 2010: Dear Marco, the new HD videos are very good, I really enjoyed being able to see the pussies and cocks so well, I enjoyed No 6 and No 5 the Double Wanking video, I hope you can find more couples like those in the future and women watching the sex too, please keep using the HD cameras they are much better, is it possible to have a HD hidden cam too?
I look forward to the next Gran Canaria movies.

We will make more inquiries about HD hidden cams, but all the cams we know up to now have either a bad image quality or are hard to conceal. Semecaelababa for instance uses a really well hidden tiny spy cam in a backpack, but the cam has no audio, and the videos are only 360x288 pixels with a poor data rate.

Greg, 1 July (Vol. 19): Superb collection of people. Many thanks.

Greg, 6 July 2010: I think, Vol 21 one of the best to date. Great footage and very clear pictures. Sometimes you actually get nervous as you feel you really are there! Superb. Marco and yourself must have paid for expensive digital filming cameras as the results are superb. Have you got plans for more movies? I hope so.

We have indeed some more vids from this cam on our hard disc, but they take very much time to encode and especially to blur the faces (we don't like angry people with guns in front of the house...). Hope we can publish them in autumn. The expensive sony cam is already out of order - couldn't swallow these much sand from the dunes...

Paul, 16 August 10 (Vol. 21): Superb! fantastic! Please, try to get more sound of the exhib ! many thanks

Brian, South Africa, 17 September 10: Once again, DVDs safely received, watched and enjoyed!!

meher, 20 September (Vol. 24): excellent work!!!! a must see series+

Greg, 20 October 10: Vol. 22 is superb. Crystal clear footage and the 49m minute segment was fantastic N0. 22 has many good good looking exhibitionists and voyeurs.

Yonie, 6 November 10: Seeing a movie, I was inspired. The next morning I shaved my cunt and went to the dunes. In the dunes I walked naked to Maspalomas seeing a lot of people making love. That was what I would do. Next day I told my partner to have condoms and again I walked naked into the dunes. After 10 minutes I met a man and I showed him I was there for fucking. He accepted my invitation and after some minutes I was fucked by a stranger. After this I walked naked further and than I met a black man. He was laughing at me and after another laughing we looked for a place and there he fucked me in a way I never dreamt. It took more than half an hour but the fucking was fabulous.
Later on I had some more sex-moments with strangers but by the well shaped black man it was the top.
Thanks for the video, it gives me an erotic holiday.

jopie, 02 December 10: excellent pictures


Lee, 4 April 11 (Vol. 7): nice movies . want to see more

marti, 25 May 11 (Vol. 22): I like all these movies a lot. I do like to see the voyeurs in the same pictures like the exhibitionists. Your cameraman should keep this in mind too.

Hotdid, 25 June 11: We were there in May but nobody was filming in the dunes. We had a lot of sex, with each other, with some strangers and black man with big big dick and once with an other young couple. If you see us you really can take pics and movies. So maybe in September, because next week we are in Cap d'Agde. XXXX have pleasure

H.G., 11 October 11: I like your videos and one year ago I bought two films for downloading. We have been in Maspalomas too, and we like sunbathing nude, making love in the dunes and so on. But we do not take part in some swingers thing (the fantasy about is enough :-)
But a question: from 9th - 18th May we stayed at Maspalomas (the dunes) - and at one occasion we get aware of a man with a handheld camera. I shouted at him, but he disappeared. No I feel free to ask you honestly (and hope) that it wasn't people from your group making video there. We are a bit afraid of being filmed nude and "broadcasted" all over the world at the internet. Can we relax (maybe it was a filming for "personal use")?

You can relax, we were there in April last time. And we blur the faces of people caught. Others don't. There is a Spanish website with films from the dunes. They take vids with a very well hidden cam in a small, black back pack, you have no chance to see that. So be aware.
I supposed most couples know the danger of being caught in the dunes. Seems not all... Regards

Thanks. On the other hand, the quality of the other videos (not from you) I have seen on the net are so bad that I choose to take it easy/don´t be afraid. I hope you agree upon that :-) all the best chris

Gregorius, 23 October 11: N°15 - Very sexy, I love this!

Stan, 23 October 11: Hi, I am planing a trip to Europe in late April through to May with a girlfriend and her bi girlfriend. Our intention for the trip is to have public sex / sex on the beach. We don't mind being watched i.e. by voyeurs or having sex amidst crowds on a beach.
Can you please advise us where to go this time of year for the best action and is there any legalities involved if caught. Which part of the beach to go and best time to be an exhibitionist. Cheers - Stan

Hi Stan, best place is Gran Canaria, we took most of our voyeur movies on that Spanish island. Cap d'Agde is a hot place for public sex on the beach, but still to cold in April.

So Cap dAgde is not the place to be? How about having sex right on the beach is that ok or do we restrict ourselves to the dunes?
Do you know who does all the voyeur filming? As mentioned we are opened to be watched. But filming not too upclose.

I know the guy of Voyeurland personally, but he won't be there end of April. But there might be others, and some come very close with hidden cams. Sex on the beach is often seen in Cap d'Agde, not on the well known beaches in Gran Canaria (Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles). Better go to the dunes, you don't have to go far away from the beach...

Hi Thanks, so long as the image is not too detailed that we can be recognised immediately then I am ok with it. So basicly anytime any place we could be on cam.
Will you and friends be in Spain anytime soon, would love to meet up with like minded people and be shown the ropes around the place. Cheers

Val, 24 November 11: hi, my husband and i shall be visiting maspalomas dunes in the next couple of weeks where is the best part of the beach for us to have sex while being watched and is there a way to let the viewers know not to get too close as it will put my hubby off, strange I know but we like to be watched we don't want 6 or 7 guys standing feet away?

Hi Val. Please enter your e-mail address, I'll send you a map of the "hot spots". Tina

lawrence, 5 January 12: beautiful

Happyguy4413, 27 March 12: Just got back from maspalomas and it is just like it is in these videos. Its so great. The only off putting thing is there are Gay or Bi-Guys who like watching straight guys getting a hard on over the woman who show. Had a few sex encounters and hand jobs. Great going back next March.

mark, 31 July 12: when is number 34 due ?

Tina, 23 September 12: DVD Vol. 34 is available now.

Mike, 6 October 12 (Vol. 4, 5, 13): Wow! These DVDs are hot. The night scene where the girl gets done by two men, the other where a man fucks two girls and the beach scenes where there are so many wanking voyeurs watching and you can hear the woman moaning as she's fucked....Brilliant!

HWM 5 April 13 : download1/Voyeur-Orgasmus_1 _ This Video is really very, very nice. She likes Orgasm, that's true...

Mike, 25 January 15: Just wanted to say thanks for the DVDs which arrived promptly. Am watching Voyeurland 6 - great scenes. Love the one where the voyeurs lift up the girl's skirt so they can see her being penetrated as she rides her guy's cock. Even when the couple finally realise they are being watched, they don't stop: he just puts her on her back in the grass and fucks her even harder. Wonderful scene!

Erik, 27 February 16: We would like to go, for the first time, to Maspalomas in January 2017. Could you possibly send me a map with the good places to see and to be seen?

Dear Erik, Voyeurland has some voyeur sex reports from Maspalomas online. Because of the sexual content I must not link them directly. But if you have safe search disabled you can easily google them.

Adewale, 12 September 17: Very nice content do you have new material?

Sorry, no new vids in the pipeline at the moment...

Jason, 11 March 19: Hello, I would like to purchase all 39 voyeur dvd's, is there a volume discount?

Sure, there is. Buy 10 and get one for free. Buy 35 and get all 39 ...

Harrison, 29 february 20: Hi Voyeurland, big fan of your work. Do you have any new videos I can buy?

2 April 2020: Hi Voyeurland, huge fan. I was wondering if you have any more videos that aren't posted on the video shop. I am really into strangers watching married couples fuck on nude beaches/dunes.Thanks

Sorry, no new vids in the pipeline. There are some other movies posted in the Voyeurland member area, but the best ones are all on the shop, too.

You've got some of these voyeur video volumes already? Please leave your comments (or questions):


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