Public Sex Voyeur Gran Canaria

Exhibitionists and swinging couples caught engaging in lewd acts on the beach and in the dunes of Gran Canaria. Scandalous public sex voyeur films in high-definition, taken with hidden cams from

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Public Sex Voyeur (HD) - Vol. 24 contains these 7 voyeur films (58 minutes of video and 166 pictures):

1: Nude beach swinger in Gran Canaria...
The book-reading nudist can't believe it: Barely hidden by a bush a woman is stroking her naked pussy. The guy is embarrassed, but soon he masturbates his erected penis, and he approaches slowly the unreal enticement. The female nudist massages her clit now, but she is not alone anymore: Her husband is back. The hubby wants to bring himself into the play, and he fingers the pussy of his wife. The couple watches the masturbating voyeur who comes closer and closer, until he's finally down between her spread legs, licking and blowing the lady's privy parts...

(257MB, 17'24")

Nude Beach Swinger Gran Canaria

2: Gang bang at the beach of Gran Canaria...
The same couple as in the video before, a few days later... A naturist became aware that the female nudist close by is wanking the big cock of her husband. The lady expectantly watches the voyeur jerk of in before her eyes. That makes her hot, and she starts to ride her husband with visible pleasure.
Two young Spaniards join in. One fingers the anus of the woman (in the film not directly visible), she pays back by blowing the two guys' dicks until her stallion squirts into her...

(223MB, 15 min)

Beach Gang Bang

3: Public Sex Voyeur: A couple fucking in the dunes and the masturbating voyeurs are close beside them...

(66MB, 4'25")

Public Sex Voyeur

4: Swinger at the nudist beach of Gran Canaria: A couple getting hot and ready for a threesome with a casual beach acquaintance, on the next dune another trio is already fucking and blowing...

(56MB, 3'56")

Nudist beach swinger Gran Canaria

5: Swinger sex in public: A woman spreading her legs in the dunes for a stranger. The young guy fucks her in missionary position just next to her husband, his buddy and several voyeurs....

(69MB, 4'35")

Swinger sex in public

6: Hot nudists: A nudist exhibiting her shaved pussy with her legs wide open, another woman shaking her big boobs before the eyes of her masturbating husband, and a guy sitting between the naked thighs of his wife, stroking her privy parts...

(51MB, 3'28")

Hot nudists

7: Horny voyeurs and exhibitionists: First they only watch each other, the petting couple and the masturbating voyeurs. Then a young stranger gets a wank from the girl - who herself gets her clit massaged to high gloss...

(132MB, 9'11")

Voyeurs exhibitionists public
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