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Public sex videos in high-definition from Exhibitionists and swingers caught with hidden cam on the beaches and in the hot dunes of Gran Canaria...

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Public Sex Voyeur (HD) - Vol. 22 contains these 5 voyeur clips (78 minutes of video and 183 pictures):

1 - Chubby exhibitionist at the topless beach: She animates passing men with shameless gestures to masturbate before her eyes. She strokes her big breasts, exhibits her pussy, rubbing the clitoris with legs spread apart.
Her husband is hiding in the bushes, watching. He himself gets so excited that he takes his dick out of his trunks. Kneeling and masturbating in front of his beloved, the next voyeur is already behind them, his long prick fully erected...

(104MB, 10'10")

Public Blow Job

2 - Voyeurs and exhibitionists: With legs slightly apart the woman attracts the voyeurs. Actively masturbating some guys gather around the nudists couple. She watches the choice of erect cocks. He strokes, kisses and licks his wife, having a half-erection between the loins himself...

(65MB, 6'22")

Beach Sex Affären

3 - Pussy fingering at the beach: The woman lies with her legs spread in the sand of the dunes, while her hubby fingers her pussy from behind. The couple tries to hide the handjob - there are some other nudists around - but soon the woman moves her hips rhythmically, and urges him to meet her hot vulvar lips...

(54MB, 5'13")

Public Beach Sex am Strand

4 - Swinger sex in Gran Canaria: Horny women who like to watch and stroke fully swollen dicks also want to have sex with strangers in front of the eyes of aroused voyeurs...

(95MB, 6'51")

5 - Public sex: On a high dunes not far from the beach two nudist couples are sitting close together. One of the couples starts fondling. He grabs her big puffy nipples, she gives his prick a good wank, always watching the reaction of their neighbours.
The more or less involuntary voyeurs are nervous, but curious. As some voyeurs turn up, wanking their swollen cocks, the couple cuddles, kissing each other tenderly, excitedly watching the other couple having sex.
For almost an hour the other woman and her husband are giving a hot sex show, petting, blowing, giving hand jobs. When the guy he fingers her pussy for a long time, the woman has a huge orgasm in which she - well visible - really squirts!

(640MB, 49 min.)

Double Wanking - Doppel Wichsen
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