Public Sex Hidden Cam Voyeur Films

Swinger couples caught with hidden cam: Exhibitionists, unbelievable threesomes and gang bangs at the public beach and in the dunes of Gran Canaria...
Almost all of these voyeur films were taken with a spy cam which has a slightly reduced optical performance.

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Public Sex Hidden Cam - Vol. 19 contains these 12 voyeur films (93 minutes of video and 150 pictures):

1 - Having at wank in public: The stranger wanks for fifteen minutes, being watched by a couple. The woman lends a hand to him, so that he finally shoots his load...

(144MB, 14'01")

Public Wanking

2 - The hot exhibitionists in the dunes: With spread legs and a bare pussy a hot woman baits the voyeurs. Her husband strokes her big tits. And she masturbates her pussy, when the voyeurs wank right before her eyes...

(52 MB, 8'18")


3 - Public sex - a horny couple having sex in the dunes, surrounded by at least a dozen wanking voyeurs. The woman is riding his cock and moans loudly during orgasm.
Among the voyeurs is another couple. The woman sucks cocks, and finally several men cum on her face (which is not in detail shown in the video, but it is clear what's going on in the crowd with the gasping woman in the center...)

(68MB, 10'11")

Public Sex in the Dunes of Gran Canaria

4 - Public beach sex - not far from the beach, and shielded only by a few bushes, the couple is petting. Although spied by a couple of voyeurs they can not be put off, and move on with real sex...

(21MB, 3'17")

Public Sex at the Beach

5 - A threesome on the beach: A woman taken from behind, licking the cock of a young Spaniard. Spontaneous outdoor swinger sex with a lustfully moaning lady...

(10MB, 1'33")

Threesome at the Beach

6 - Hot beach couples: We spy a couple petting and pussy licking, surrounded by many masturbating voyeurs. Another couple is hiding behind the bushes. The woman blows and wanks not only the cock of her husband, she also gives a hand job to the dicks of strangers...

(59MB, 8'54")

Hot Swinger Beach Couples

7 - Public spreading: While the man fondles her breasts and pussy, any one may take a look between the spreaded thighs of the woman. Interesting: Among the lecherous voyeurs is also a sexy, busty girl...

(18MB, 2'52")

Public spreading woman

8 - Public cum shot on the beach. This woman is really hot! Close to the beach she is riding the cock of her husband, and she seems to be surprised when so many masturbating voyeurs popped up. Then she pisses directly in front of all the excited eyes, and continues jerking off one of the voyeurs until he cums. The guy has been so erotically charged that he ejaculates a whole load of his semen on her hot nude body...

(29MB, 4'30")

Cum Shot in public

9 - Beach gang bang - one woman and three men having sex on the dunes. The woman is fucked hard by one of the stallions. Lustfully moaning and screaming she licks and blows the cocks of the others...

(67MB, 10'13")

Swinger Beach Gang Bang

10 - Public sex caught by hidden cam: An attractive couple fondling and having sex, surrounded by half a dozen of wanking voyeurs (and a petting couple, too)...

(60MB, 9'08")

Public Sex caught by Hidden Cam

11 - Beach sex filmed with hidden camera: Being fucked from behind, the horny woman blows the cocks of three kneeling voyeurs. In the end, they cum on her breasts...
Through my own wanking the actors are not perfectly taken with the spy cam in my other hand, but alone the sucking and moaning is worth having been there...

(98MB, 14'54")

Beach Sex filmed with Hidden Cam

12 - Beach sex, filmed with hidden camera - some snapshots from couples which were difficult to catch...

(33MB, 5'01")

Hidden Cam taking Sex at the public Beach
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