Public Sex on the Beach

Public Sex at the Beach - voyeur vids of dogging nudists having sex on public beaches in the Canary Islands. Hot girls spreading legs and watch the voyeurs masturbate and cum in front of them. Some horny peeping Toms are fingered and given a handjob, and blushless swinger couples join strangers for threesomes and sex in the dunes of Gran Canaria...
The beach voyeur video volume 14 includes 9 sex films with a total of 80 minutes.

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Public Sex at the Beach - Vol. 14 (80 minutes of movies and 238 pictures) contains these voyeur clips:

1 - Public Petting at the Beach: Although (or perhaps because) they have another couple watching and other nudists curiously passing by, this couple kisses and pets. He caresses her breasts, fondles between her thighs. And he doesn't hide his long, turgid dick any longer. Hardly concealed from the other nudists on the beach the guy is jerked off...

(20'53", 114MB)

Public petting at the beach

2 - Horny Exhibitionists: The naked girl lolls pleasurably next to her partner at the beach, and widely spreads her thighs. Not only the evening sun shines onto her shaved labia, also the eyesight of the horny voyeurs beam at the hot pussy. While she strokes here clitoris in front of their eyes, they jerk off and cum between the women's wide open legs.

(6'05", 39MB, 640x512 pixels) This voyeur shot was taken with a small spy cam, so the clip has a reduced quality.

Horny exhibitionists

3 - Dogging in the Dunes - A husband joyously hands his wife to a potent, ballsy guy who is interested in a sexual adventure. The lady gives the stranger a blow, and this guy gets very horny. Soon he takes her hard orally. And while other voyeurs are fondling her tits or masturbate, he fucks her hard till they drop...

(13'34", 89MB)

Swinger dogging at the beach

4 - Beach Finger Fuck - The woman lies on her stomach and struggles when her partner penetrates her pussy (and who knows what else) with his fingers from behind. Two voyeurs are watching...

(Short movie, 1'34", 10MB)

Beach fuck

5 - Nudist Beach Sex - Two couples are hidden in the bushes, but the voyeurs have discovered them already. One of the women is being fucked while her girl-friend fondles her breasts.

(5'17", 30MB; vids taken with hidden spy cam. 640x432 pixels)

Public sex at the nudist beach

6 - Beach Threesome: As soon as the hubby begins to stroke the cunt of his wife, a stranger lays down to them and helps to satisfy the lady. Her legs twitch in an ecstasy, and she moans drunk with delight when four hands bring her to orgasm...

(5'08", 33MB)

Threesome and sex on the beach

7 - Sexy Girl masturbating a Stranger: When the luscious girl shows herself topless in the dunes, the voyeurs like to present her their erected cocks. And one of the boys will be the lucky one: While her boy-friend is taking some hot pictures, she gives the stranger a hand job. And the lucky guy may also stroke these beautiful tits...

(7'57", 50MB, 640x480 pixels. This vid has a reduced quality compared to the other movies.)

Girl masturbating a Stranger

8 - Threesome at the Nudist Beach: Two guys satisfying a woman's sexual needs. She gives thanks to them stroking their dicks...

(6'17", 41MB)

Nudist Beach Threesome

9 - Gang-bang at the Beach: A hot couple lolls frivolous on a warm sand dune in the sunset. Soon they are absorbed in wild sex, and many voyeurs are attracted. Several of them take part actively, kiss, stroke and fuck this pretty woman. And together they can hold off for long...

(13'38", 89MB; second half of this voyeur video was taken with hidden spy cam.)

Gang-Bang at the beach caught by hidden spy cam
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