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Voyeur films taken with hidden cameras in the women's shower room - more than 100 hours of records were evaluated. The result: The shower room of the solarium isn't used for having a shower only! Sexy women who pleasurably caress their hot curves, masturbating girls groaning loudly, and shy sweeties having their first lesbian sexual experience...
The collection includes 7 films with a total of 97 minutes. The clips are provided in different sizes: 720x526 pixels for high speed Internet and 304x240 pixels for users with slow speed Internet access. These movies are not available on DVD.
The videos are also part of the member galleries of Voyeurland.

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  2. Volume 12: Download the hidden cam voyeur clips DivX files, about 760 MB, 720x526 and 304x240 pixels.

»Hidden Cam in Girls' Shower Room - Vol. 12« (97 minutes of video and 102 pictures) contains these clips:

1: We peep on this dazzling girl which fondly soaps her perfect curves...


Hidden Cam

2: Two slim girls filmed with a telecontrolled surveillance camera - very luscious poppets...


Voyeur Spy Cam

3: A beautiful woman who tenderly strokes her breasts and pussy - soon she is moaning ecstatically...


Voyeur Cam

4: We catch two young women who join in a small cubicle, shower (and shave!) together and perform some clear evidences of lesbian erotism. As a bonus we watch a third girl soaping her wonderful body...


Hidden Voyeur-Cam

5: Spy cam in the dressing room: It's a feast for the eyes watching this busty girl undress and loll in front of a mirror. Unfortunately we don't have a perfect view of the shower cubicle in the background, because the cutie masturbates inside. But at least we hear moaning in pleasure...


Hidden Cam spying on girls

6: The girl is stimulated by the pulsating jet of the shower she even still masturbates thereafter on the toilet...


Hidden Spy Cam in Girls Shower Room

Film 7: First a girl stimulates herself with the shower head until she to has an orgasm. Soon afterwards we will watch her having lesbian sex with a mate...


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