Cap d'Agde public sex at the nudist beach

Cap d&39;Agde is the only spot on earth where you can see couples having sex at the crowded nudist beach. On the couples section of the libertine beach, some people are just exhibiting, other giving hand and blow jobs, and some couples are having sex directly on the beach. Sometimes even several couples are involved together. May be, that's why this beach is called "the Bay of Pigs" or "The Libertine Beach" (French: "la plage coquine")
These performances attract a lot of voyeurs. Cap d'Agde is located in the south of France near the town Bézier on the highway to Spain.

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Cap d'Agde: Public Sex at the Beach - Vol. 18 includes these two voyeur clips with a total of 36 minutes:

Movie 1: Hot nudists on the beaches at Cap d'Agde - a potpourri of the beach life (not very explicit, but gives an impression of the sexual excesses...):
Scene 1: A woman lies with her legs spread in front of us (and our hidden cam), so that we can look directly on her pussy. Her husband's watching.
Scene 2: Heedless of all the nearby nudist a guy strokes the pussy of his wife. She masturbates his erection. The couple is unfortunately a bit far away from the camera, so details are not well visible.
Scene 3: A couple is located directly next to us, and the man fondling her pussy.
Scene 4: A man sitting on the back of his neighbour's wife, rubbing his cock between her ample buttocks.

(48 MB, 8'08")

Nudist Beach of Cap d'Agde

Movie 2: Public sex at the nude beach of Cap d'Agde: Three couples are in front of our hidden camera, right in hurly-burly of the nude beach, surrounded by many other nudists.
The man on the left already strokes the pussy of his wife, the others are watching. Soon, the wife of the couple in the middle begins to masturbate the member of her husband. The third couple is kissing and petting, too. The man fingering his wife's pussy. Dozens of people walk along, watch at the legs wide apart, some stop to take a closer look. One or the other voyeur masturbates secretly his half erected penis.
It even gets better: The man from the first couple (left) goes to the chubby couple on the right, and together the two guys satisfy this woman's sexual needs. Finally, the lady is fucked - before the eyes of dozens of spectators...

(163 MB, 28'18")

Cap d'Agde Public Sex at the Beach
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