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Swingers public Group Sex Report, Gran Canaria

Map of Maspalomas Playa del Ingles on Gran CanariaWelcome to part 4 of our sex report of Maspalomas, in the south of Gran Canaria. On the right side a map for orientation. Today we are in the back of the well-known, large dunes. This partially inaccessible area with shrubs and trees is situated between the beach and Campo de Golf.

Dunes of Gran Canaria

If we are lucky we'll catch some horny swingers and exhibitionistic couples in the western part of it. They are fond of having sex in public...

map of the dunes of gran canaria

During former “expeditions” I felt lucky when I discovered some couples who let other people watch them having sex. But this time I saw many couples which even asked other couples or single men to take part in the game. Threesomes and group sex were not rare at all. On the average the couples were a bit younger than the ones I saw the last years. And I caught several women who masturbated in front of the voyeurs, some really hot ladies. Some women in the area were simply addicted to sex. They had their partners with them, but every guy presenting a stout erection was allowed to fuck them - in public, of course.

But let me start at the beginning:
You are strolling through the area each day for two weeks and you don't see anything exciting? In fact there is no guarantee. According to our experience the late hours in the afternoon are best. At this time some quite frivolous couples might pass by - searching for swinger, or just enjoying having some horny voyeurs watching. You see them strolling naked through the dunes:

Gran-Canaria_Swinger_6 Gran Canaria Swinger

Some ladies are wearing sexy lace lingerie to bait the voyeurs:

Gran-Canaria_Swinger Gran-Canaria_Swinger_87b

Ballsy guys are waiting for the chance...


...a young couple is petting and fucking discretely under a beach towel:

Gran-Canaria_Dunes_2 Gran-Canaria_Dunes Gran-Canaria_Dunes_29b Gran-Canaria_Dunes Gran-Canaria_Dunes_3 Gran-Canaria_Dunes_31b

Two gays are doing it well visible on top of a high dune:

Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria_89b Gran-Canaria_b

An other man is enjoying the view between spread legs:


Sexy couples are fond of masturbating voyeurs:

 Gran-Canaria_Swinger_6 Gran-Canaria_Swinger_61b Gran-Canaria_Swinger Gran-Canaria_Swinger_60b

This folks are very funny, I think! The elderly guy is masturbating the pussy of his wife in front of a young Spaniard. This one got so hot that he cums, not minding all the passing people (you'll find this three people on the movie collection Vol. 4, look out for "The Sex Teacher"):

Gran-Canaria-Sex_4 Gran-Canaria-Sex_4 Gran-Canaria-Sex_4 Gran-Canaria_Dunes_2 Gran-Canaria_Dunes_21b Gran-Canaria_Dunes_2 Gran-Canaria_Dunes_22b Gran-Canaria_Dunes_22c

This lady seems to be reading, but in fact she has her speedy fingers on her labia. One of the voyeurs catches her, and he is allowed to join in the masturbating game...:

Gran-Canaria-Sex Gran-Canaria-Sex Gran-Canaria-Sex Gran-Canaria-Sex_37b

This pneumatic blonde is even more offensive: Posing and acting very lasciviously, better than a striptease girl, she animates the passing men to masturbate and cum:

Gran-Canaria-Sex Gran-Canaria-Sex_46b Gran-Canaria-Sex Gran-Canaria-Sex_45b

And here we already have the next female exhibitionist: When her husband is strolling at the beach, she masturbates with legs spread apart. Of course some of the passing strangers catch her, and one of them enjoys the masturbation show so much, that he almost cums onto her belly...:

Gran-Canaria_Dunes Gran-Canaria_Dunes_05b Gran-Canaria_Dunes Gran-Canaria_Dunes_06b Gran-Canaria_Dunes

Gran-Canaria_Dunes_07b Gran-Canaria_Dunes_0 Gran-Canaria_Dunes_08b Gran-Canaria_Dunes Gran-Canaria_Dunes_09b

His giant erection in a short movie

Here we have a sexy couple performing:

 Gran-Canaria_Dunes Gran-Canaria_Dunes_12b Gran-Canaria_Dunes Gran-Canaria_Dunes_13b Gran-Canaria_Dunes Gran-Canaria_Dunes_14b

This couple is fucking, still hidden behind some bushes:

Gran-Canaria_Swinger Gran-Canaria_Swinger

The white haired man is petting his girl and the one of his friend too. His friend does the same the watching voyeurs do: jacking off!

Gran-Canaria_Swinger Gran-Canaria_Swinger_93b Gran-Canaria_Swinger_93c

Gran-Canaria_Swinger Gran-Canaria_Swinger_94b

Gran-Canaria_Swinger Gran-Canaria_Swinger_95b Gran-Canaria_Swinger_95c

First she got her pussy licked, then the tits massaged...:

Gran-Canaria_Swinger_6 Gran-Canaria_Swinger_64b Gran-Canaria_Swinger_6 Gran-Canaria_Swinger_65b

...and then she is fucked by two guys. Therefore she's got her love-pillow under her hips already:

Gran-Canaria_Swinger_6 Gran-Canaria_Swinger Gran-Canaria_Swinger_67b

Three horny women and three ballsy guys - first two of the pussies get licked. One of the women prefers to lick her girlfriend's pussy...:

Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex_13b Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex

Gran-Canaria_Sex_15b Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex_16b Gran-Canaria_Sex

Reverse roles: The lady in the front wants to have a penis in her cunt already, the other one wants her clit licked by a strong male tongue now:

Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex_18b Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex_19b Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex_20b

After that we have a nice foursome!

Gran-Canaria_Sex_2 Gran-Canaria_Sex_21b Gran-Canaria_Sex_2 Gran-Canaria_Sex_22b Gran-Canaria_Sex_22c

Well hidden behind the shrubs two hot woman are offering their bodies to everybody. It was nearly impossible to operate a video cam, so here only a short Voyeur movie.

Let us get closer and catch a glimpse with our hidden photo cam...:

Gran-Canaria_Sex_3 Gran-Canaria_Sex_33b Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex_35b

A very attractive blonde is sitting on the face of a man and is her pussy licked. A dark-haired kneels and licks the cock of the pussy-licker. That's what I call a nice threesome!

Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex_36b Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex_37b

But there are some other guys acting: One is kneading the firm tits of the blonde, an other one has his fingers in the vagina of the chubby dark-haired:

Gran-Canaria_Sex_3 Gran-Canaria_Sex_38b Gran-Canaria_Sex

Being treated on every edge and from several men, the blonde begins to moan loud and louder, so more and more voyeurs are attracted:

Gran-Canaria_Sex_39b Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex_40b Gran-Canaria_Sex_4 Gran-Canaria_Sex_4

Now the dark haired lies on her back, her legs spread, and let her clit be petted:

Gran-Canaria_Sex_42b Gran-Canaria_Sex_4 Gran-Canaria_Sex_43b Gran-Canaria_Sex_4 Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex

Gran-Canaria_Sex_46b Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex_47b Gran-Canaria_Sex_4 Gran-Canaria_Sex_48b

One more guy joins in, stroking and licking the tits of the dark-haired:

Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex_49b Gran-Canaria_Sex Gran-Canaria_Sex_50b

An other hand grasps the suntanned bosom, and the moaning of two ladies reaches over the dunes as far as to the beach...

Gran-Canaria_Sex_5 Gran-Canaria_Sex_51b Gran-Canaria_Sex_5 Gran-Canaria_Sex_52b

Jacking her hips on the licking tongue the blonde is climaxing:


And then she is fond of being fucked dogy style by her lovely pussy-licker:

Gran-Canaria_Sex_5 Gran-Canaria_Sex_58b

Want to listen to the moaning ladies? (MP3, original audio of the hidden video cam)

The photos on this page were taken during my filming for Vol. 4 and 5. I have to state that some people get very aggressive detecting a camera. So bring your cam only to this area when it is really invisible!
Please let me know your opinion and your own experience on Gran Canaria.

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Manuel: Hi lovely pics i am single like some times to be voyeur and like nudisme i would like to see some more pics and videos they turn me on...greatings Manuel

Janet, : Hi I am 42 a year old female I have not been to Gran Canaria but enjoyed the pictures. I often go to nudist resorts, I to enjoy being looked at and don't mind spreading a bit when I notice some one looking. I have had a few guys touching or stroking them self while looking and have played a bit my self to but always discreetly. Would love to hear more stories and see some more of your pictures.

zorina and felipe ,: we had been there this year. wonderful days !!! We like to find more contact to swingers ! kisses from zorina and felipe.

Jdfun1: This is a real place to find everything you could want, share with as many as you dare, we do xx