Swinger sex at the beach



Swinger and dogging voyeur report of Gran Canaria

Sexy women and horny couples swinging and dogging in the dunes... Our hidden voyeur took these pictures during the film shooting for these voyeur movies:

Voyeur Movies: Public Sex in Gran Canaria Vol.10

Voyeurmovies Gran Canaria Public Sex Vol. 11

There are always some hot couples at the beach between Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas.

GranCanaria-5 GranCanaria-5 GranCanaria-52b GranCanaria-5

And some of them are very stimulated already:

Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria_3b

But the really hot people are to be seen in the dunes (towards Campo de Golf). Have a look at the map that we used for earlier reports already:

map of the dunes of gran canaria

In this area you'll meet all kind of flamboyant people: Exhibitionists, swinger and voyeurs. Old and Young, thick and thin. In swimwear, lingerie or naked. All in search of the peerless experience:

GranCanaria GranCanaria GranCanaria GranCanaria GranCanaria-8 GranCanaria GranCanaria

Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria-11b


Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria-70b Gran-Canaria-7

Gran-Canaria-6 Gran-Canaria-6 Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria-6 Gran-Canaria

You'll see some women who spread their legs and exhibit their pussies. They won't be alone, but generally they like guys watch and masturbate. Sometimes you are allowed or asked to touch them, perhaps even lick their labia. Or they masturbate until you cum. Just ask, sign language is international.

An invitation for every man:

Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria-_45b

Again, the voyeurs won't be disappointed:

GranCanaria-7 GranCanaria-78b GranCanaria

GranCanaria_Voyeur GranCanaria-Voyeur Gran Canaria Voyeur Gran Canaria Voyeur

This lady spreads her thighs, exhibiting a shaven, swollen pussy, animating some passing voyeurs to masturbate:

Exhibitionist Exhibitionist Voyeur Exhibitionist Exhibitionist

She masturbates for strangers:

Public-Blow-Job Public-Beach-Exhibitionist

In general you'll see such things rather in the late afternoon, but there is no guarantee. Some days days can be really boring, bad luck. On other days several swingers gather together and have sex, and the moaning resonates far beyond the dunes.

People come from Germany, Holland, Spain, Sweden, etc. Almost everybody understands English or German. Most dogging couples appreciate to talk to the stranger before they allow him to watch even join in for petting or sex.

Two women - ready for a flirt...

Gran-Canaria-_3 Gran-Canaria-_33b Gran-Canaria

...or simply lesbians:

Gran-Canaria-_4 Gran-Canaria-_44b

That's a good approach to provoke agitation in the dunes:

Public-Blow-Job Public-Blow-Job_22b Public-Blow-Job_23b

A couple petting, and some masturbating voyeurs watching. A common situation in this swinger and dogging area:

Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria-17b Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria-19b

The nice husband watches his wife being massaged by a a young man. The athletic "sex masseur" can't prevent to get an erection. His penis disappears between her thighs from time to time. And her husband is taking photos..:

Sex_Beach-Masseur Sex_Beach-Masseur Beach-Masseur Sex_Beach-Masseur Sex_Beach-Masseur-4

Sex Beach Masseur Sex_Beach-Masseur Sex_Beach-Masseur Sex_Beach-Masseur Sex_Beach-Masseur

This man fucks his wife with his fingers:

Horny-Couples-5 Horny-Couples-55b

A lady who pets and blows like a champion:

Horny-Couples-5 Horny-Couples-54b

Hot blow job on a dune, well visible for everybody:

Public-Blow-Job Public-Blow-Job Public-Blow-Job Public-Blow-Job-Beach

A woman strolling along the dunes - wearing only a tiny red G-string bikini. She animates the men to follow her. Back at her husband she allows almost everyone to have sex with her. Without any prelude you can fuck her behind the bushes...

Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria-Sex Gran-Canaria Gran-Canaria G-String Gran-Canaria

Gran-Canaria_5b G-String Voyeur Voyeur

Again a husband grants a wish: His wife enjoying the erotic adventures with a younger local in Gran Canaria:

Dogging Dogging-Beach Dogging Dogging_Sex Dogging

Dogging Dogging Dogging Dogging_public Dogging_Sex

Dogging_Voyeur-Sex Dogging_09b Dogging Dogging_10b Gang-Bang Beach Gang Bang

A gang bang in the dunes: One woman and a gang of voyeurs. The watching couples get horny, too...

Gang Bang Gang Bang GranCanaria-Voyeur GranCanaria-Voyeur Voyeurland